10 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts

January 28, 2019

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While some prefer to shop solely from registries, I know there are some who love to give something unexpected yet super useful. Here I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items and ideas to give as gifts to an expecting mom that you don’t usually find on registries, but are perfect for your next baby shower gift!

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10 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts | Cassandra Shiree Photography | Motherhood Blog

1. Dyson Handheld Vacuum | This is one of my FAV items in our house, and I’m so glad I don’t have to live without it. Kids are messy, adults are messy, pets are messy, and this little sucker (pun intended) helps with ALL the above. Ease her cleaning woes by splurging and gifting her this piece of magic that almost deserves its own blog post.

2. Amazon Prime | Ok guys, the MOST useful thing I’ve come across as a mom is my beloved Amazon Prime. Diapers, formula, strollers, you name it, Prime will get it to you. If your mama-to-be friend doesn’t yet have Prime, GET IT. She will be forever grateful, I can promise you that. You can click here to gift either a 3 month subscription for $39 or a full year for $119! Know she already has Prime? Grab her a gift card that she can use for literally anything on Amazon.

3. HelloFresh Box | If you like the idea of gifting a meal but want to let them choose when they might need it the most (this is seriously so helpful – grocery shopping the first few months after having a babe or even at the end of your pregnancy is NOT always fun…), gift a one-time HelloFresh box that includes 3 dinners for either 2 or 4 person families. We had a HelloFresh subscription for about a month during our first year as parents and the only complaint we had was that if you purchase the 5 meal boxes, some of the ingredients used for the meals later in the week weren’t as fresh – BUT their customer service was great and they credited our account anytime we had any issues. We loved trying new recipes and that we had all ingredients needed in a convenient box!

4. Made by Mary Gift Card | If sweet, sentimental gifts are your thing, grab her a gift card to Made by Mary so she can have a custom necklace made with her child’s name, or any other countless beautiful items on this site. Their jewelry is delicate and perfect for any style your mama friend rocks. Make it even more special by purchasing a necklace (like this choker or this chain) to go with her gift card.

5. Nespresso Milk Frother | Mom life is full of sacrifices, and for some the biggest one is never enjoying a hot coffee in its entirety. Help her out by gifting her my favorite milk frother so she can warm her coffee up quickly and easily!

6. Squatty Potty | Are you the jokester of the group? Then you should probably get her a Squatty Potty, I guarantee you’ll get some laughs! But she will also find this SO useful especially during the first few months of postpartum life, cause poopin’ ain’t easy guys.

7. Artifact Uprising Gift Card | Encourage her to print her memories of this special time of pregnancy and with a newborn by giving her a gift card to Artifact Uprising. I love my photo albums I’ve purchased from them and the quality of their prints are wonderful. You can gift either a tangible card or an e-card – and don’t forget to remind her to use it after baby comes because chances are she’ll forget (typical mommy brain!).

8. AirPods | Late night feedings and naps where she’s unable to move or breathe without waking her new babe will become the new norm soon, so why not help her out with a pair of sneaky little AirPods? I used to think these were gimmicky and honestly looked a little dorky, BUT then my husband bought a pair and once I used them, I knew there was no going back. They’re super convenient, easily hidden from probing toddlers with your hair, and perfect for working out as well. A bit of a splurge again, but moms are worth it!

9. UGG Slippers | Give the gift of footsie comfort with these amazing sheepskin slippers. The last few weeks before birth are filled with swelling, and feet are usually the main target. She (and her feet) will thank you forever for these crazy cozy slippers she will likely live in for the foreseeable future.

10. Gift Card to Her Favorite Restaurant | If it’s her first or even her seventh kid entering the world, mama needs a date night out before they come. Snag a gift card to one of her favorite restaurants so she can spend an evening out before baby comes and she’s confined to her couch with a sleeping newborn on top of her. (Pro tip: head to Costco to see if they have the gift card you’re looking for and get more bang for your buck – they usually have $100 gift cards for $80!)

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There you have it! I hope this helps narrow down your search for the perfect non-registry gifts for next baby shower you’re invited to!

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