a few of my favorite things





this is always so awkward - talking about yourself. but since you're here, you probably wanna know a few things about me, so i guess i'll suck it up!

i'm an introvert married to an introvert, so that makes life pretty chill which i'm honestly a big fan of. i come to life when i'm shooting though, so my clients might not even know that about me! in addition to being the wife of a canadian software genius, i'm a mom to two adorable girls - olivia and audrey. they're handfuls but the joy they bring makes the tough times so, so worth it.

i love tattoos, changing my hair with every new life event, eating spoonfuls of nutella, the color gray, and finding a new multi-season show on netflix to binge. in addition to all that goodness, i also love photographing professionals and small business owners passionate about the work they do, preggo mamas, and squishy new babies. having my own kiddos and small business inspired me to move to these sections of photography so i can help parents capture those first fleeting moments you forget in the midst of raising a family, and provide entrepreneurs with gorgeous on-brand images to showcase the amazing things they have to offer the world. 

fall into one of those categories? let's be friends and make some magic.


my first camera

besides my 35mm film camera for school, my first baby was a cheapo canon rebel xsi. that little guy lasted forever, and is now in the petite hands of a sweet teenage girl who just entered the world of photography

down to business

i officially launched my business in october 2015 with the encouragement of my crazy supportive husband. while exploring the different styles and genres of photography, i've found my love in capturing expecting mamas, fresh newborns, & small businesses

film is king

in my short college career, i studied black & white film - and that's how i fell in love with photography. i still miss spending hours in the darkroom and watching my images come to life on paper before my eyes