Baby Welcome Box Review

January 24, 2019

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This is for all you expecting mamas – a quick baby welcome box review! I went over this in my Instagram stories, but figured I’d stick it on the blog too in case no one wanted to hear my voice for that long… I totally don’t blame you.

Baby Welcome Boxes

First things first, here are the three boxes I snagged fo’ free! The left is from Amazon, middle is from Target, and the right is from Noobie Box. They’re all free, with the exception of the Noobie Box which requires you to pay shipping and handling ($6.95).

Baby Welcome Box Review | Cassandra Shiree Photography

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

To receive the Amazon box, there are a series of hoops you gotta jump through. I explained a bit in my Insta stories that this took me way longer than it should have… Sort of embarrassing, but I’ve learned that’s just who I am so I’m gonna try to rock it. Anyway, the first step is to create a baby registry under the main Prime member’s account. My mistake was creating it with my account, which is linked to my husband’s who is the main Prime holder. Wah wah. It took phone calls and lots of me complaining to my hubs about it to finally just switch it over to his account and be done with the process. You’ll also need to run through a checklist of items to add to your registry (you don’t actually have to add them, you can just check the boxes), then make a $10 purchase from your registry. Once the item ships, you’ll be able to claim your box!

Baby Welcome Box Review | Cassandra Shiree Photography

Every box is different, but here’s what I received:

Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle

Avent – 4 oz Bottle

Water Wipes

Pampers – Case with Size 1 Diaper and Sensitive Wipes

Dreft – Stage 1 Newborn Detergent

Cetaphil – Baby Wash and Shampoo

Hudson Baby – Security Blanket/Lovey

Avent – Day & Night Nursing Pads

Honest Company – Two Diapers and Wipes


My box was decent, though I’ve heard of friends who have received multiple swaddles, onesies, etc. They just must have better luck than me… But I am excited to have another Avent bottle on hand (we loved these with Olivia), 3 packs of wipes, and swaddles are always a great thing to have on hand. Definitely worth setting up an Amazon registry for this box! (You also receive a 15% completion discount on qualified items in your registry 60 days before your due date, until 60 days after. Great deal!)

Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit

To grab a Target Welcome Kit, you only need to do two things: create a registry, and find a Target that has these bags in stock at customer service. Since I go to TargetĀ way too often, I would just ask whenever I was in and thought about it, but found that they were never in stock. One gal said their next expected shipment wasn’t until May, so they’re either really stingy about them or they’re a super hot commodity. Either way, I’d suggest calling your local Target(s) to see if they’re in stock before heading there just for that purpose (though who doesn’t have a reason to go to Target?!)

Baby Welcome Box Review | Cassandra Shiree Photography

Again, every box is different, but here’s what mine included:

Pampers – Case with Diaper and Sensitive Wipes

MAM – Pacifier

Up & Up – Two Size 1 Diapers

Aveeno – Baby Lotion

Aquaphor Sample Packet

Honest Company – Two Diapers and Wipes

Dr. Brown’s – 8 oz Bottle

Lansinoh – Nursing Pads and Breastmilk Storage Bags

Babyganics – Lotion Sample

Cocoa Butter – Stretch Mark Cream

LOTS of Coupons


Okay, if you watched my stories, I said that Amazon won this, but I really think Amazon and Target are at a tie here. They give similar items, but the amount of coupons Target includes is a huge plus, and I think evens out with the swaddle blanket from Amazon. I’d definitely suggest grabbing this welcome kit – if you can get your paws on it! (Target also offers a completion discount with their baby registry – 15% discount on items still on your registry up to 8 weeks before due date. Note that you can only use the discount on one in-store purchase and one online purchase, so pack in as much as you can!)

Noobie Box Free Pregnancy Edition Box

I found Noobie Box randomly online when I went searching for free baby stuff (I didn’t do this with my first for some reason, so I was all about it this time!) and they’re actually a pretty cool site. They have boxes for every stage of infancy, and they all include such fun – full size – stuff that’s appropriate for that particular age. They would be such great gifts for new parents during the first year! For the free pregnancy box, you are required to sign up and pay shipping & handling ($6.95) for the box.

Baby Welcome Box Review | Cassandra Shiree Photography

Every current edition Noobie Box is the same, so here’s what you can expect to find if you grab one:

Cuties – Five Diapers

Lansinoh – Nursing Pads and Breastmilk Storage Bags

Dr Kids – Nasal Saline Solution

Prevail – Two Pantiliners

MAM – Pacifier

Aquaphor – On the Go Tube

MAM – 4 oz Bottle

Bioderma – Full Size Ultra Soothing Balm

Water Wipes

(Not Pictured) Purell – Surface Disinfectant


While I hadn’t heard of half of the brands in this box, I was glad to see they gave a decent amount of items, especially since you have to pay S&H. I also appreciated the full size lotion that I’ll definitely be using, and the thought behind the pantiliners is sweet – you don’t see much for just moms in these besides breastfeeding stuff! Plus – MORE WIPES!

There ya have it friends! Are there any freebies that I’m missing out on?! Help a mama out and I’ll pass on the knowledge!

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