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May 29, 2018

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I could think of no better way to celebrate an anniversary than to run around on the beach, freezing, with a ripped dress and sand all up in your shoes with someone photographing you while you make out. And holy hallelujah I’m glad Stephanie and Austin decided to travel from Colorado to Oregon for just that! I follow Stephanie on the ‘gram (you should follow her too!) and saw she was hoping to book a photographer for their 5th anniversary trip to Cannon Beach, OR and I jumped at the chance to get them in front of my camera. Steph is an outstanding blogger and shares tons about her two girls, Olive and Pearl, and her motherhood journey. I’ve long admired her raw and honest words about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. It’s not at all easy, and it’s refreshing to see those with large followings speaking their truth!

Our Session

I’ll start off by saying that I sorta felt like I was meeting someone famous when we hopped out of our cars at the beach, and I was also nervous because Steph is an insanely talented photographer. But luckily she said hi by wrapping me up in a hug and I was immediately comfortable. She already felt like a friend!

We absolutely lucked out with the weather – both days surrounding our session were dreary and wet. Of course it is the Oregon coast, so it was still freezing. Between shots, Austin was a true gentleman and gave up his jacket for his goosebump-riddled bride. These two paraded around the beach at sunset, hugging, kissing, dancing, and reminiscing on their last 5 years of marriage.

Having kiddos takes its toll on any marriage, whether we like to admit it or not. Stephanie wrote a bit about this on her blog and her words couldn’t ring more true. She talked a bit about how children don’t leave much time for marriage (umm amen, girl!) and how God had been redeeming their relationship as husband and wife. The photos we took are in celebration of a new season for them, and I hope they serve as reminders for years to come of the joy that flows out of a marriage centered on selflessly loving and pursuing one another.

Marriage is hard, but it’s the absolute best.


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