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April 13, 2018

my philosophy

Do you guys ever meet people who are just so real, honest, and totally freaking hilarious? Yeah, that’s Grant and Kristin. Their family embraces the crazy – and by crazy I mean 4 rambunctious kiddos, 2 pups, and continuous giving of themselves to everyone around them. They love fiercely and without caution, and we were so blessed to be in community with them. When we were pregnant, they were there for us. They prayed for us, wept with us, and rejoiced with us. You want friends who will be by your side when it’s inconvenient and scary? These are your people.

Our Session

Last fall, we got together for their first session since who knows when. One of my favorite moments was when Sailor (the blondie rocking those leopard print booties) started crying because she was afraid of getting her picture taken. I got down on her level and talked her through it. I let her know that she looked way too beautiful not to show it off in photos, and that my camera wasn’t as scary as it looked. After a few solo shots of her and those stylish kicks, she was back to her old sassy self. As you can probably imagine, the rest of our session was filled to the brim with giggles, squished faces, and tons of running (pro tip: book a session to make your kids pass out at the end!).

I’m also starting a petition to get them to move closer to us. Snohomish to Renton is just too ridiculously far you guys.

Gosh, I love this family.

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