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November 29, 2019

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 Update:

This year, Primally Pure is giving their deepest discounts to date – Use my code CASEYHORST25 for 25% off your entire order of $50 or more! Plus free shipping on EVERY order, so go go go you guys! 

I’ll start this off by saying, I ain’t no beauty blogger. I cringe at watching myself talk in videos (and have more retakes than I want to admit). BUT, I do like sharing things that help me feel better and make my life easier, especially with other moms, so here’s my newest obsession: Primally Pure. They’re a non-toxic, all-natural skincare company that truly wants to help you care for yourself. And aren’t we all about self-care these days anyway? 


Collection of Primally Pure non-toxic all-natural skincare products


ALSO, Primally Pure is having some amazing Black Friday 2019 weekend deals! You can shop around their site and use my code “CASEYHORST20” for 20% off  their entire site! (And yep, I get a teensy commission if you buy using my code, but you don’t pay anything extra for it. And honestly, I’d share this even if I got zilch – it’s worked that great for me.) They also are offering these specials this weekend:

  • Black Friday: Get a free 1.7 oz deodorant of choice for every $50 you spend!

  • Small Biz Saturday + Sunday: Free Shipping on all U.S. orders!

  • Cyber Monday: BOGO (buy one get one) on ALL kits!


Ya missed it! BUT don’t worry guys, you can still get your all-natural skincare fix cause I always have a 10% off code for you – “CASEYHORST” 😘


Okay, now read on for all the products I love from them!


First off, I’ll admit: I’ve never been one to really take care of my skin.


It’s embarrassing but the most I ever used to do was scrub off my makeup at night with the Kirkland brand makeup wipes and call it a night. I can’t say it felt good, more like a burning sensation around my poor eyeballs, but I didn’t really know (or sadly, care) how harsh chemicals can really mess with your whole being, not just your top few layers of skin.


So like tons of other women around the globe, I follow Jenna Kutcher and have been watching her journey for the past several years. She’s gone through tons of changes, and one of them included changing up her skincare routine. That’s how I was introduced to Primally Pure.


I gave it a try once I got pregnant with my second baby, and was instantly hooked.


I loved the natural smells, the simple ingredients, and most importantly, the visible results on my face. Knowing I was actually getting all the makeup and dirt off was a relief, especially now that I have a baby who is always touching and sucking on my face (I know, weird). 


I could say a ton more about it, but I know I always just prefer to get to the actual products when I’m reading, so here ya go! These are a few of my favorites that I use everyday and are easy to add into your routine.


My go-to Primally Pure products


Primally Pure All-Natural Non-Toxic Skincare | Casey Horst Company


If you want to just try out a few products before going all out and changing everything up, I’d 100% recommend these three. I use these every night to clean my face, and I’ve seen such a crazy improvement in my skin – which when you’re going through the postpartum stage with all that nice hormonal acne, that’s saying something. 

First up is their cleansing oil. If you only want one thing, get this! I started with their normal skin oil and then moved to their dry skin option to help moisturize a little more. This gets off all my makeup, including mascara, which was a big deal for me since I was used to scrubbing it off with those makeup wipes that felt like it was burning my eyes. 

After cleansing, I use their lavender complexion mist to tone and hydrate. I love using this especially at night because the lavender is super relaxing. I finish up with one of two serums depending on how my skin is that day: clarifying serum or soothing serum. If I’m feeling like I might break out, I’ll go for clarifying, or if my face is particularly red and irritated, soothing helps almost immediately.

Just using these few products has cleared up my hormonal acne that covered up my jawline and forehead, reduced redness and dryness on my cheeks, and overall just made me more comfortable not wearing makeup around other humans. All pluses in my book.


I use a ton of their products, but I don’t want to totally bore or bombard you with long reasons why I love them, but I’ll list them here so you can see some more products I’m obsessed with.


Primally Pure All-Natural Non-Toxic Skincare | Lip balms | Casey Horst Company

Lip balm – cocoa is my fav to date!

Primally Pure All-Natural Non-Toxic Skincare | Beard Oils | Casey Horst Company

Mini beard oil pack (hopefully you know this is for my husband’s beard and not mine… Cause I don’t have one you guys.)

Primally Pure All-Natural Non-Toxic Skincare | Natural deodorants | Casey Horst Company

Geranium deodorant & tea tree deodorant – they seriously work. Detox your pits first though, not a fun smelling few days but your body will thank you eventually!

Primally Pure All-Natural Non-Toxic Skincare | Baby Oil and dry brush | Casey Horst Company

Baby oil & dry brush – brush skin before showering and moisturize with baby oil after to help improve circulation and hydrate skin.

Primally Pure All-Natural Non-Toxic Skincare | Almond and Vanilla Body Butter | Casey Horst Company

Almond and vanilla body butter 🤤 


This was insanely long, BUT I hope it was helpful for ya! Have fun taking care of your skin and yourself!

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