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August 7, 2020

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Read through to see how I made this DIY Daily Activity Schedule and grab a free printable for your fam!


Daily Activity Schedule hanging on wall


Let’s be real, this isn’t a blog post about how I found the secret to coping with forced social isolation by making a schedule for what to do with my kids. I’m a hot mess these days – I get stressed to infinity and beyond when I just don’t know what to do during the day with kids screaming literally every 5 minutes. But I want to get my sh*t together and this is my next step toward that far-reaching goal.

So I took a little inspiration I saw from this Instagram post and created my own (because I like making things more difficult for myself apparently). I figured if I took a few minutes the night before to loosely plan out the next day, at least I would have some kind of idea of what to do with these goobers.


Girls looking at Daily Activity Schedule hanging on wall


I started by making a list of the most common things we do each day and created the printable PDF below. I’m not gonna lie guys, I spent WAY too long searching for all the little corresponding drawings. But that’s just who I am – a weirdo who will stay up until 2am doing little things that no one but me really even notices. Whatevs.


DIY Daily Schedule Printable Download


Then I picked up just a few things all linked below (my black paper was from Target Dollar Spot and the clothespins were from Hobby Lobby, but I linked all items on Amazon to keep it simple for ya).


Magnetic Poster Hanger Frame – 12″ Black

Black Kraft Paper Roll – 12″

Wooden Small Clothespins – Black 50 Count


After cutting all the activity strips, I lined them up on the kraft paper and made our schedule for the next day. I clamped the top of the poster frame first, then attached each activity strip with clothespins. Once I got to the end of the day, I cut the kraft paper and attached the bottom of the frame. Donezo!


Daily Activity Schedule hanging on wall


I found a central place to hang where everyone can see it throughout the day. Olivia for the most part gets what each symbol means, so she kinda knows what to expect next. She keeps running back to it looking at what we just did and figuring out what’s next – so that’s a win in my book.


Girl pointing to Daily Activity Schedule hanging on wall


If I had a laminator like a cool kid, I’d laminate each strip so they’d last longer, but we’ll just have to live with crinkly paper. Thats DIY for ya.


Daily Activity Schedule hanging on wall


I’m not letting myself feel guilty about not hitting each activity or being super strict about keeping to the daily schedule exactly. That’s not the point, and I don’t need more mom shame, ya know? So if you do this too or something similar, don’t let that happen either. We’re all doing our best right now so add some grace to this thing and let it go from there.


Daily Activity Schedule | Casey Horst Company

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