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September 1, 2019

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Woman in pink dress holding coffee mug standing in kitchen looking down to the side.

In a recent rebrand of my business, I jumped in to branding and content creation photography, and I have to tell ya… I love it! Meeting bloggers, influencers, and small business owners who are incredibly passionate about what they do is so inspiring to me. 


Woman walking with yellow Huffy bicycle in front of white apartment building.

My first ever content creation session was with Megan. This triple threat is a YouTuber, blogger, and digital media specialist. Not to mention she has legit style. I’ve loved watching her thrift hauls and she totally inspired me to check out our local thrift stores more often!

Side note: if you have kids, thrift stores are bomb. You can find great cheap clothes and toys! I recently scored a box of cool wooden castle blocks for Liv and she loves them (and let’s be real, I like playing with them too…).

Woman typing on Apple laptop computer holding coffee mug, with flowers on table and yellow Instax camera case.


Before our session, I sent over a questionnaire to find out more about Megan, her brand, and what she was hoping to achieve in her photos. This is such a crucial step that I spent a lot of time creating. I want to be sure I’m not just going into a session with my own agenda. I’m there to beautifully photograph the content that my client wants to share. 

I ask a TON of questions to get to know not just the brand, but the person behind it. I really want to showcase more than what someone does, but who they are and why they do it. 

After I gathered allllll the deets, I created a planning board to act as a quick overview for our session. Doing this really helps to stay on track during the session and is great for keeping everything in one place. You can see hers below!

Content creation session planning board for Megan Acuna.

Pinterest is also a big component to gathering inspiration, so naturally Megan had a branding inspo board that I pulled some images from. In a similar sense, I studied her Instagram photos to be sure my edits would fit cohesively within her feed. So yeah, I do a little bit of stalking and probably accidentally liked posts from a year ago. Whoops.

Woman standing in dining room looking through camera viewfinder.


First off, Megan has a beautiful, thoughtfully curated home. Since a good portion of her blogging and videos have to do with decor and things around the home, it was a no-brainer that we’d shoot there. The woman’s house is FILLED with plants and just exudes happiness and contentment. I loved it!

Though the location didn’t change much (we stayed in her apartment and walked around outside a tad), changing outfits and working with different props she chose to incorporate made for a large variety of images.

Woman standing in front of concrete wall with bouquet of flowers held over shoulder.

I seriously loved working with Megan and getting to know her! If you guys are at all into ethical living or thrifting, you have to check her out! Head over to her Instagram here!

Take a peek at more of the fun images from our branding session below! And if you’re in the market for new amazing content for your social media, blog, website, or even headshots for LinkedIn – let’s chat

Woman sitting on bed holding white bunny.
Yellow Huffy bicycle with vintage purse.
Woman in pink dress sitting on kitchen counter holding lemons over eyes.
Woman going through vintage records.
Headshot of Megan Acuna in dining room holding phone.

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